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Important Dates
January 1

Property is assessed as to condition and ownership as of this date.

April 1

Deadline for filing self-reporting forms for business personal property.

August 25 through September 9 (dates vary)

Tax Roll open for public inspection for a 15 day period. The exact dates are published annually in the TecheToday newspaper.

November 15

Louisiana Tax Commission certifies the Tax Roll by this date. Sheriff and Ex-Officio Tax Collector mails tax notices shortly thereafter.


December 31

Property taxes are due and payable by this date and become delinquent thereafter. Taxes are collected by the Sheriff's Office. The Assessor's Office does not accept payment. If you have any questions, please contact the Sheriff's Office at 225-389-4810 (option 4) .

Signing a Homestead Exemption Application

After purchasing your home, please come to one of our locations with your closing papers to sign up for your Homestead Exemption.

Louisiana Law states that you must own and occupy your residence in order to qualify for Homestead Exemption.

If you purchased your home during the year and the previous owner did not have Homestead Exemption, please call our office to see if you qualify.

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